27 August 2012

inRiver V - New concept!

For a platform to perform in the information landscape today it is essential to have an easy to use integration concept for sharing information, but it also needs to be easy and quick to extend with additional functionality in a safe way

This is why we have a new concept in inRiver V that we call inRiver Connect

From this view all inbound and outbound information is controlled making it easy to manage all information moving in and out from inRiver in a standardized manner.  There will also be a REST API that can be called upon on published channels.

This is also where all custom integrations and all plug-ins will be deployed.

From inRiver Connect view it is possible to start, stop all services, view all events on all services and work with configurations on the services.

I think and hope that this will help our partner extend inRiver with all cool applications that you create based on product content that resides in inRiver. I also think that this will help our customers IT department when trouble shooting custom integration or plug-ins with the possibility to view events on a service.

A little taste.......
  -- Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO --