28 March 2013

Rule that C2C and M-Commerce with PIM

Content is king. So is the customer. Rule both with PIM!

Here´s three truths (try saying that fast, 10 times in a row...) describing why PIM is so important to all digital channels where your products meet customers.

Truth #1 - The customer needs top quality product information

We believe that rich, well-structured and customer-adapted product information is the foundation for attracting customers, generating leads and eventually making the customer buy your product at the moment of truth. Because she can trust what she sees.

What we see is that perfect product information is vital for all new, cool and different ways of pushing your products out to where the customer is. And how it's pushed is not fixed - it changes every day. Because customers change. Because the market is dynamic.

We also believe that customer ratings and reviews, comments and behaviour in other channels are essential facts that should be stored as part of the product information. More on this topic in an upcoming blogpost!

All of the above can be easily managed with PIM.

Truth #2 - The customer owns your brand

Do you think that you own your own brand, that you control the way your products are perceived? That you can decide which name or acronym people will use in social media? Here´s two women saying you´re wrong: http://socialmediatoday.com/njoxen/1221001/customer-owns-your-brand-who-owns-customer

But you still own your content. And you can manage, refine and adapt that with PIM.

Truth #3 - The marketplace is changing

The following concepts are really interesting examples of how the moment of truth, the time and place your product meets the customer changes in the digital arena.

Mylovebasket is a free service that allows you to save your favorite clothes in your own shopping cart when you buy clothing or other fashion accessories online. And then your friends can copy, like or buy. www.mylovebasket.com
Kiosked is a leading platform enabling Smart Content™. Kiosked turns any online content, images, videos and applications into interactive and viral storefronts. www.kiosked.com

Whatever the marketplace looks like next week, next month or next year, you can still be out there in a flash, because you manage your product information with PIM.

By the way, C2C means Customer to Customer, and M-commerce as you already know, means Mobile Commerce. You can find clips about the products above, as well as other products and companies at our "friends" section on Youtube.

Happy Easter Reading!

Martin Stenke
Business Development Director

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