16 April 2013

PIM enables a breakthrough improvement

Basically there are two types of process changes: continuous improvement, and breakthrough improvement.
The first happens iteratively in small steps over long time, without any vital enabler. Breakthrough improvement happens solely with a vital enabler that completely changes the rules of the game.

These days it is hard to separate most business processes from its enabling software.  That is why software often is both the cause and enabler for accelerating business performance, achieving results much faster and far beyond what can be done through continuous improvement. A good example of this is supply chain management, where software has revolutionized how companies work with everything from purchasing, inventory management, sourcing and much more. Product Information Management (PIM) software is a vital enabler for reaching breakthrough improvement in the marketing and sales processes, as it makes the process for creating, updating and distributing product information much more efficient - resulting in lower cost and higher sales. In short, it enables much better marketing execution in all channels.

Efficient business processes are almost always a result of a smooth process coupled with great software support. To achieve efficiency, the enabling software must be focused, nimble and easy to adapt over time in a cost-efficient way. To serve all needs – both external and internal – a PIM software must also be easy to integrate toward any system and channel, be quick to implement and simple to use, support parallel work in all processes, and be easily upgraded without affecting the surrounding systems. These traits are hard to achieve in an all-in-one solution – the complexity of such a solution makes them too rigid to produce the desired result. This is why most modern organizations and processes benefit from a best-of-breed approach when implementing PIM software, selecting the best standalone application for this purpose. At inRiver we continuously strive to design and develop our software based on these fundamentals. That is why we claim to be faster, nimbler and more efficient in providing the support that modern multi-channel organizations need for really efficient marketing execution.

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