07 May 2013

Seven facts and five benefits: why you can´t be without a Cross Channel Commerce Strategy

  • More channels
  • Complex information
  • Shorter life cycles
  •  More markets
  •  More languages
  •  More re-sellers
  •  More suppliers

These are all business drivers for investing in a Cross Channel Strategy:

I believe that any organization could use their time in a more creative and efficient way. Instead of searching for product information you should focus on more sales driven and quality gaining activities e.g
  1. Accelerated speed-to-market and time-to-shelf for product information, resulting in increased market share and higher margins.
  2. Higher sales and reduced returns through consistent, complete, and accurate product information presented to customers in all sales channels
  3.  Remove inefficient processes, resulting in lower operations costs and higher margins
  4. Use a strategic approach when implementing a Cross Channel offering instead of implementing a tactical one-off solutions for one channel
  5. Make it a priority to have your Product marketing information available for all channels in order to use it as a strategic asset when realizing your Cross Channel Strategy.

-- Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO --

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