03 July 2013

Transactional VS Marketing information

A rule for any PIM system that wants to become a reliable single source of product information and able to generate attractive offerings around the products in all channels, is to first secure that it is loaded with high-quality data. The product data that should be merged into the PIM system often has its origin in disparate sources such as customer requests, supplier updates, ERP systems etc., so the process of securing the quality of data is of great importance for how Your PIM will perform. Capabilities like working with valid and structured product data, enabling standardization, classification, translation and de-duplication are at the root of information logistics and Product Information, so these are all important features for inRiver.

With these features and processes in place, inRiver enables you to focus on the marketing perspective of your Product information and releases your Marketing Model used to sell and market your products, from your backend information model used to govern your internal process (e.g ERP). The backend model is often very hard to change or transform over time to the markets demand for information about your products. This information model is by definition very static since it involves complicated cross-over process within a company, changing this often leads to time consuming activities and integrations.

With the inRiver platform you work exclusively with the Marketing Model, which per definition must be dynamic and easy to change since the market demands on product information is ever changing in contrast to a backend transaction model in an ERP system.

Customers that we have talked to are experiencing that they are quicker to launch new and innovative marketing channels and are also more effective in bringing consumers into their converting platforms resulting in accelerated speed-to-market and time-to-shelf for product information, resulting in increased market share and higher margins.

Make it a priority to have your marketing information in an agile & dynamic model in order to use it as a strategic asset when realizing your Cross Channel Strategy.

-- Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO --


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