19 August 2013

Three rules you cannot ignore when working with information logistics

Any organization trying to convey a digital offering to the market knows that the challenge is not the context (Channels, eCommerce stores, mCommerce, catalogs) of where I want this to be featured. It is relatively easy to decide on colors, strategies for achieving a great customer experience and augment wallet share, because these are all very visible challenges. But to get product information with consistent quality out to all channels over time is very hard, and is the foundation for giving your customer a great experience. This is basic information logistics, and the information you want to get out to your channels must be rich in content to create a great product offering.

There are three basic rules when working with information logistics and moving product information across channels in an efficient way.
  1. Keep information as clean as possible – for easy channel integration 
  2. Information needs context to be understandable – Create an attractive product offering for a specific channel 
  3. Context disrupts flexibility of information – To much channel-specific information will make it harder to share cross-channel 
These are contradictory rules, which is why it usually is very hard to have quality information across channels over time. The challenge is to know where to draw the line; you must know what information is needed to generate a great product offering, but you must also know where the line for flexibility and adaptability for all channels goes for your Cross-Channel Strategy. This is why building great marketing models in inRiver is easy and flexible and a very important task when enabling a Cross-Channel Strategy in an organization.

This is also the reason why inRiver has certified partners, trained to build great marketing models.

-- Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO --


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