17 September 2013

Three points of focus when working with Multi-Domain content in inRiver

Happy customer

Three points of focus:
  1. Speed-To-Market
  2. Focus on marketing content (The product offering)
  3. Ease of sharing information

When operating in a Multi-Domain context some domains benefit more from being fast, agile, and easy to move across channels. If you look at your product offering, this is one domain that benefits from being fast and agile because if you want to promote this in all your channels (eCommerce stores, mCommerce, catalogues) this needs to be fast and easy to consume. Both for your attracting channels (Catalogues, email, searches and ad’s) driving attention and to get customers to where they can convert on your product offering in your converting channels (Store, mCommerce, eCommerce etc.) This is the story our customers has told us over and over again, how important it is to support the converting channels in a fast and agile way,  so that is why speed and focus is very important when working in a domain involving your product offering.

inRiver works with multi-domain content, like transactional, customer, supplier, BI and social content, but it is always product centric, enabling fast cross-channelling of product content. The focus of inRiver is to build your product offering in the iMM (inRiver Marketing Model) to enrich and relate the correct marketing information like a DM Hub (DM – Digital Marketing Hub http://chiefmartec.com/2013/06/gartners-mind-blowing-digital-marketing-transit-map/) for your products to be featured in all your attracting and converting channels.
Information areas

If a platform is built under the assumption that it will hold all information and have all business logic that a product selling company will need for achieving digital success, it is a very big assumption to make. Neither is it a very humble assumption to make because most likely others (now and in the future) will build solutions that your platform will benefit from interacting with.

This is why all modern platforms must excel at information integration and the ease of sharing information rather than "do everything".
-- Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO --


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