24 October 2013

Why a corporate multi-brand strategy matters when working with content

When implementing a cross-channel strategy on corporate level from a multi-brand or multi-company standpoint. It is of great importance that the different brands has the possibility to create different stories for their products and publishing these product stories across channels. To achieve this you need a strong support for repurposing, reusing and sharing product content across brands and companies. You probably want to target different segments of the market with different lingo but still use the same product content only repurposed and reused in different contexts and layouts for the different brands.

The product stories must also be tailored for both the attracting channels (Catalogues, email, searches and ads) driving attention and to get customers to where they can convert on the product offering in the converting channels (Store, mCommerce, eCommerce etc.).

This is a conclusion we can make after hearing our customers repeat the importance of sharing and repurposing information across brands. This is why we believe  our multi-facetted inRiver Marketing Model is  a strong support when creating a multi-company and multi-brand set-up.

-- Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO --


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