02 December 2013

inRiver 5.3 simplifies PIM, helping companies sell more faster


The inRiver 5.3 release comes with new features that simplifies data onboarding, significantly increases product overview, and adds ready-to-go connectivity to leading ecommerce platforms. With this release, the inRiver PIM platform has become even more user-friendly, helping companies take control of their product information and sell more, faster.

inRiver’s upcoming release, inRiver 5.3, has put its main focus on the three key phases of the inRiver PIM process – the supply, enrich, and release. The new release sees a row of new features that enhances the PIM process, delivering powerful ways of automatic batch uploads of data and resources, increasing the overview capability through a stronger system search, and connecting seamlessly to some of the market-leading ecommerce platforms.

”In this release, we deliver some really good features that our customers have been asking for. These features will make them even more successful, giving them more efficiency in their PIM process while keeping a holistic view of how information is used throughout the PIM process” says Jimmy Ekbäck, Chief Technology Officer at inRiver.

The inRiver 5.3 release (GA on Dec 13, 2013) includes the following features:

  • Data onboarding: The new features increases the number of ways to make automated data or resource imports, making it easier to manage the necessary changes in season assortments.
  • Product overview: The powerful inRiver search functionality has been extended to include system information.
  • Connectivity: New adapters have been developed, for seamless connectivity with the Demandware and Magento ecommerce platforms.

About inRiver
inRiver is a market leader of Product Information Management (PIM) software. We give omni-channel commerce professionals the power to create, maintain and distribute perfect product information to multiple sales channels in multiple languages. inRiver is fast to implement, easy to use, and very visual.  120+ customers around the world already rely on inRiver’s platform to manage the product information for their globally recognized brands. Read more on www.inriver.com