09 April 2014

Know your channels and make the content work for you in all channels

In today’s information intensive world, there are a lot of different acronyms that claims to solve the Content Marketing Challenge MRM, DAM, PIM, WCMS PLM etc. And all of these have a different definition on the challenge.

What we have learned from our customers and by talking to analysts like Peter Sheldon at Forrester (Peter´s blog) is how important it is to support your converting channels (Stores, eCommerce and mCommerce etc) with a consistent and attracting Product offering and to tailor the content to maximize the effect of that channel context. A smart phone is very different from a smart TV in the way it can feature your product offering. If you want to take full effect of every channel context you can no longer rely on the same content in all channels and a responsive layout to present your offering. Another important aspect is how you can work with merchandizing (Look, Style, Room, Devices and Recipe) giving your products new contexts, maximizing the shopping experience for your consumers across all channels. This gives customers a richer experience, to be able to see and buy a whole outfit shown in an urban setting or to be able to see the sofa furnished in a living room to understand its potential.  This is important because the shopping experience is no longer a linear process in one channel.

If you look at your product offering, this is one domain that benefits from being fast and agile because if you want to promote this in all your channels (eCommerce stores, mCommerce, catalogues) this needs to be fast and easy to consume. Both for your attracting channels (Catalogues, email, searches and ad’s) driving attention and to get customers to where they can convert on your product offering in your converting channels (Store, mCommerce, eCommerce etc.)

inRiver helps you to build your product offering using the multi-facetted iMM (inRiver Marketing Model) to create a tailored offering for each channel and maximizing the effect of that channel. The inRiver Marketing Model also boosts the effect of other marketing technologies by securing that every product that is online has the correct story to tell the consumers and is segmented with the right facets to make sure it shows up in the right contexts. inRiver acts like a DM Hub (DM – Digital Marketing Hub) for your products to be featured in all your attracting and converting channels with a story to tell.

-- Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO --

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