02 June 2014

The future of cross-channel campaign management

At inRiver we are preparing for a major release that will contain something that we believe will change how the industry looks at product information management in the future. In an earlier blogpost I talked about the challenges of designing an efficient workflow and why we need to focus on efficiency and automation in the marketing process. The new module, inRiver Campaign Planner, is a very good example of how useful a workflow engine can be as part of the marketer’s daily work.

For many companies, the campaign is one of the most important tools to drive cross-channel performance. However, cross-channel campaign management can be a huge challenge as it is very hard to plan and follow up on all activities in all channels and markets. This is especially the case for retailers that often have campaigns that must be consistent across many different channels like direct mail, newspaper adverts, eCommerce and in-store displays. If the campaigns are multi-market, they must also manage the translation process, and keeping track of all translations can be quite a challenge on its own.

inRiver Campaign Planner creates a single marketing view of all campaign activities and the progress of the production of all campaign-related material. It eliminates many of the workflow inefficiencies around cross-channel campaign planning and -execution. Execution is really the key word here, because the real value is always created in the execution, and not in the planning. As inRiver owns and controls the information that goes out to all on- and off-line channels, the production process becomes more efficient, and the distribution to all channels can be automated. Campaign Planner does not only help to plan campaigns, it will execute or automate all activities as well. A dashboard (see screenshot) gives an overview of the progress and puts the marketeer in full control of all ongoing activities.

It would be very hard to achieve all this with a typical stand-alone campaign planning tool, as it does not have control and ownership of the information that makes up the campaign - e.g. products, banners, images, videos and print originals. Besides bringing a whole new capability to the inRiver platform, Campaign planner is also the first of many new vertical app clients that sports a completely new user interface design. inRiver Campaign Planner will be released on June 9th together with inRiver 5.4.