02 July 2014

inRiver & Channels - The story of having the right content in the right context

When building an efficient marketing engine within an organization, it is important to have the right toolbox for the marketers. The feedback our customers have given us is that what is needed is one place for the creation of the product stories, not just to store the content. They have to be creative and to be able to move from insight to action. Equally important is the context of the product story, the publishing platform, eCommerce, email marketing, WCMS, etc. that lays out the context to create the right ambience for the product stories.

So, with a digital marketing hub for the creation of the product stories and a publishing platform for the creation of the right context for the product stories; this combination will convert your products faster in all channels.

With inRiver's Channel Manager we want to enable the marketers to merchandise the assortments for the right channels not just pushing the whole product catalogue all the time. For the marketer to be efficient and able to do this they need to work a graphical user interface with an overview of the product stories and where they easily can create new assortments and channels. In a worst case scenario where the whole product catalogue is published in a non-segmented fashion the publishing platform must handle all the segmentation and faceting in its UI or even worse sometimes create code for assortment specific campaign sites, brand sites or for B2B customer portals with customer unique products. inRiver can work with several Channels with unique product assortments but still pushing to the same publishing platform, making it a lot easier and more efficient to overview and manage the Product assortments in the inRiver graphical Channel Manager. The different channels with the different assortment can then be given their unique context/layout in the publishing platform thus creating the ultimate Customer Experience.

Make it a priority that your marketers have the right tools for creating Context and Customer unique assortments and use them in different contexts.

-- Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO --

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