09 July 2014

inRiver Connect

inRiver Connect is the preferred integration point of inRiver. It is a standalone service which executes dll's with custom code.

inRiver Connect is built to consolidate different backend models ERP, PLM external data services, etc. into the inRiver Marketing Model making it easy to work with different models and content into inRiver. Since inRiver Connect acts as a broker between the backend systems and has no dependencies to those systems, this makes very easy to change the backend and continue working with your marketing content in the inRiver Marketing Model.

From this view in the inRiver administration, all inbound and outbound information is managed, making it easy to control the flow of information moving in and out of inRiver in a standardised manner. This is also where all custom integrations and plug-ins will be deployed.
From the inRiver Connect view it is possible to start and stop all services, view all events on all services and work with configurations on the services.

In order to make it as easy as possible for consuming & sending system to onboard and extract content from inRiver, the data model securing how messages should be sent and received can easily be downloaded and used a template.

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