09 July 2014

inRiver & information integration

Before any PIM system can become a reliable single source of product information, it must first be loaded with high-quality data. Typically the product data that should be merged into the PIM system has its origin in disparate sources such as customer requests, supplier updates, ERP systems etc. Such process should secure that the PIM system is provided with validated and structured product data, matching the defined PIM model, enabling standardization, classification, translation and de-duplication features provided by inRiver PIM.

What inRiver enables you to do is release your Marketing Model used to sell and market your products from your backend information model, used to govern your internal process (e.g ERP) which is often very hard to change or transform over time to the markets demand for information about your products. The backend information model is by definition very static since it involves complicated cross over process within a company, changing this often leads to time consuming analysis and integrations.

This is why we believe in and our customers has emphasized on the importance of:

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