09 July 2014

inRiver & Product information quality

inRiver separates between data validation and Secure Information Integration. Data validation is used for inRiver users to secure the input quality of one file e.g. from a supplier and this is done in the same moment as the file is uploaded to inRiver.

It is also important to be able to validate information that is accepted into the system in a visible manner. inRiver has a logical engine that allows users to create queries for validating information.

Secure Information Integration is used when batch updates are done between communicating systems and the data integrity of Product information is of great importance. All inbound data to inRiver is secured via CVL or Controlled Vocabulary Lists which is a technique in the inRiver platform to create intelligent validating lists, maintaining, securing the data integrity and keeping the information up-to-date and correct. The lists can be maintained in the inRiver platform, or it can get the list information from other systems e.g. an ERP-system or a PDM-system.

The status of the SII (Secure Information Integration) can be reviewed in the inRiver Connect event log see below on the right.  


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