10 December 2014

No one knows what customers expects in the future…

When you make a platform choice in the world of acronyms like PIM or MDM, I believe that you should seek to minimize your exposure to risk, and maximize the gains (create better product stories and customer experiences) for your organization. We all know that implementing large and comprehensive multi-domain platforms are always tightly linked with corresponding large risks. You can never 100% control the risks involved with implementing new platforms, but by choosing an agile, purpose-built, best-of-breed platform, you will probably minimize your exposure to the unknown risks when moving forward. You will have your agile solution faster in place, and will be much quicker in re-evaluating it and adjusting it to new market demands or to new requirements within your organization.

The only time a large multi-domain platform looks superb is on the whiteboard in the planning phase or the pre-planning phase, because you will be drawn in by the seemingly simple and false notion of having everything in one solution that handles every aspect of our business. The illusion of not needing other solutions since there is always a module and no requirements for integrations may seem comfortable. But moving into a real implementation with real requirements, and entering the real world of unknown risks that the best analytics did not know two months ago, will probably give you an extreme headache. Trying to adjust, or being agile with a large multi-domain platform will always be harder, because changing a tightly interdependent system influences all aspects of the platform and will require significantly more work than a purpose-built independent system.

“Everything is fine today, that’s our illusion”
                                                            - Voltaire

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”
                                                                      - Winston Churchill

To minimize your exposure to risks and maximize your organization’s gains, be on a flexible purpose-built platform.

-- Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO --


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