27 January 2016

The more relevant you are the more you sell!

-The importance of relevant content for creating a great customer experience

There are different strategies for a retailer to convert on their customer base: price, quality, assortment etc. But regardless of what strategy you choose, you have to be relevant to your customers. If you compare an offline store experience with an online experience you can do some analogies between the two.

The times when I feel comfortable is when a competent and well-informed sales person in a store takes care of me, gives me a fantastic product experience with their product knowledge, has the ability to give me advice on combinations of products, and just makes me feel good. If this happens, I will buy more.

If you know about the fantastic book “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman, you know that we have two systems operating in our minds. It is System 1 that makes most of our decisions - based on feelings, not on rationality. It is how the story and the experience of the product is affecting us when we are making the decision to purchase.

If you translate this to a web shop experience, for me it boils down to the hidden sales cycle: the lack of a physical person taking care of me on this journey of experiencing the product. To achieve a similar experience it all comes down working with the facets of your products. Make sure that all your products have enriched content that is relevant to me at that moment and situation but also guide me and give me the same experience without the physical interaction.

Trained sales people, and having the best ones in your store, can be translated to the web shop by having to put in the work for enriching your product content - to be able to give all your customers relevant advice and a fantastic experience when browsing through your assortments. There is no way around this if you want to stay relevant to your customers. If you do not put in the work of enriching your product content and making it relevant, your customers will not be inspired by your products, they will not understand your product proposition. Even worse your products will not show up when search for or filter out when not needed and that is not part of a great customer experience.

-- Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO --