01 April 2016

Our strength comes from our Community

In one of the latest blog posts I touched upon inRiver and our community, and the strength that lays in that combination. As the topic of what the platform enables the community to do is very close to my heart, I felt that there is more to be said around this.

What our customers tell me when I talk to them is that if you look beyond the capabilities and the UI of inRiver, one of the key features for choosing inRiver is the flexibility and power in the strong community surrounding the platform. What they usually refer to is what the community can do to solve a customer’s specific business challenges. This use case is usually relevant only to the customer, and is often a perceived feature gap. It may be only a 10% gap, but can still represent 90% of the business value for the customer. This is why it is so important, and such a strength, that the inRiver platform and the community have the capability and the knowledge to support our customers in solving these challenges.

At inRiver we believe that if you look at the challenges ahead, and try to foresee who will be best equipped to meet these, you will probably come to the conclusion that the company with a large community that shares ideas and gets ideas generated will always be ahead. This is in stark contrast to the company that has a “one-stop shop” approach that tries to solve everything in a black box. The hard part in this is that you do not have time on your side when making a decision on what company you should partner up with, since time is the best judge on which approach is ultimately the best for you.

Some of the initiatives that we at inRiver have taken to inspire, share, collaborate and interact with our community are:

inRiver Academy - In our work to inspire our community (partners & customers) we train and certify individuals to give them the necessary tools to design and implement inRiver in an inspiring way.

ICP – inRiver Champions Program, where we invite inRiver champions that stand out in our great community and get them involved in building the next generation of inRiver. This is something that we are looking forward to launching soon. More information will be found on the inRiver Website shortly.

Collaboration – We will start sharing all our adapters on GitHub for the community to benefit from our efforts, but also for us to benefit from the great competence in the community.

Marketplace – Here we share on our website all the great apps and additional features that our community has developed.
So a big and humble thank you to the inRiver Community for all that you contribute with!

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