26 January 2017

Micro-moments in action: PIMpoint Summit 2017

Micro-moments, the concept Google coined not too long ago to describe the intent-driven moments of decision-making that occur throughout the customer journey, will be put into action at our annual customer and partner event PIMpoint Summit this year is the main theme of the event.
With the challenges that micro-moments are creating for vendors across industries, we at inRiver decided to delve more deeply into consumer behavior at our annual event. Together with our sponsoring Partners, we are investigating what the deciding factors are for the window of opportunity that captures the attention of customers anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Having organized and/or attended every PIMpoint Summit since the very start, I am personally really excited to see how our annual event has gone from strength to strength each year. And this year we are very proud to present our customers and partners with two truly amazing days―filled with food for thought and inspiration for everyone working with customer-facing content and product information.

PIMpoint Summit 2017 will not only be covering both challenges and successes of micro-moments, but will also present several interesting speakers, various tangible customer cases, insights into consumer behavior, the importance of owning your brand, and much more. Among the keynote speakers we have the following two thought-provoking speakers lined up:
  • Johan Lindeberg, the successful fashion designer who brought edge and commercial success to Diesel jeans in the 1990s, his own fashion brand J.Lindeberg and BLK DNM in New York, will share his progressive and modern thoughts, together with a fascinating life story.
  • Pixie Sartang, Co-founder and Senior Strategist at the House of Harvey and a heavyweight digital strategist, brings a practical approach to content, ensures that the audience begins to think, and provides something interesting to take home.
We are also excited to launch the next version of inRiver PIM at PIMpoint Summit. And one of the highlights of previous years, the inRiver User Forum, returns in the new shape of Master Classes, where users of inRiver’s PIM can receive training from our product specialists and can ask questions on using the platform.

PIMpoint Summit is most definitely the highlight of the year. Bringing all of these PIM professionals ― both customers and partners ― into one place is an incredible 2-day boost and injection of knowledge and dynamic interaction. PIMpoint Summit brings together everything we at inRiver do and work for every day during the rest of the year.

Read more about PIMpoint Summit 2017 and check out the fantastic program we have planned for you at https://pimpoint.inriver.com/acton/media/12393/pimpoint-summit-2017

Annette Ståhlberg, Content Manager, inRiver

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