10 March 2017

PIMpoint Summit 2017 inspires customer experience creation for micro-moments

PIMpoint Summit 2017 will move people from insight to action. We have a full agenda lined up, bringing our customers top-class keynote speakers that will inspire their daily work with product enrichment and boost customer experience to capture consumers’ attention in micro-moments.

We will also put consumers under a magnifying glass and drill deep into their behavior, delving into the details of how to capture consumers’ attention during their want-to-know, want-to-go, want-to-do, and want-to-buy micro-moments of their individual customer journeys. With live customer cases, and keynote speakers that shine the spotlight on those magical moments when known brands break new ground and deliver beyond expectations, we expect to have an unforgettable PIMpoint Summit 2017.

I am especially excited to hear our well-known keynote speaker, Daniel Levine, speak on future trends. Daniel is one of the world's best-known trends experts. He tracks ideas and experiences from around the world, and his presentation will give us a glimpse of “the future of everything.”  He will serve up a playful presentation with fun examples and keen insights from business, technology, transportation, communications, and consumerism.

PIMpoint Summit 2017 is also when inRiver will reveal all the exciting details of the new release of inRiver PIM. This release is the most important to date, and inRiver will host break-out sessions at the event, presenting how the new features enable organizations to manage product information efficiently.

I’m really looking forward to meeting both existing and new customers and partners, and speaking with all the amazing talents in the PIM community who are attending the event. It’s going to be two truly inspiring days, with great dynamism and wonderful energy. It’s an amazing experience to see all that talent in one place, sharing knowledge and inspiring one other, so I’ll most definitely will be there to learn what’s hot in the PIM business. Check out the agenda to see what we have lined up!

PIMpoint Summit 2017 will be held on 6-7 April at Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Annette Ståhlberg, Content Manager, inRiver


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