13 July 2017

5 Absolute musts for taking your products to market successfully: 5. Refine your product stories with inRiver insights


Must nr 5: Refine your product stories with inRiver insights

Having a central product information management system makes it easy to bring products to market quickly, individually and in large volumes. The system is home to the agreed product story along with all the detail and imagery, tagged and categorized based on its place in the assortment.

This means product marketers and marketing managers have a single source of the truth and don’t have to waste time compiling inaccurate, inconsistent information from disparate sources. They simply share information and export what they need.  This means that you can also refine your product stories based on how consumers react to them and go from insight to action, or even enter a new market in weeks instead of months, new products can be live on a website and ready to be ordered in hours – and you can scale based on demand.

Consortio Fashion Group sells well-known brands like Halens, Cellbes and Bubbleroom in over 10 European markets and through 31 e-commerce sites. The product information management system gives Consortio full control over all assortments, significantly reducing time to market and marketing production costs.

Think big……start small……scale fast

Jimmy Ekbäck, Executive Vice President Product & Services, inRiver


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