13 July 2017

5 Absolute musts for taking your products to market successfully: 4. Publish & Syndicate


Must nr 4: Publish & Syndicate

In a digital and distributed commerce age, the sales process is moving from the physical stores and traditional marketplaces to the Internet. The digital markets - where people go to seek information and shop for products -  are available 24/7 in different forms and shapes. Some are small and niched. Others, like Amazon, are simply huge and omni-present.

In this digital reality, the consumer oversees how, when, and where they purchase products.  Thus, Product Marketers in the digital commerce era are urged to provide quality product information in a mix of attracting and converting channels. These channels can be eCommerce sites, marketplaces, printed catalogs, social media, or any other touch point where the consumers are seeking to educate themselves about the products they want to buy.

To meet the increasing demand for product information, you need a system for helping you facilitate the process of getting the information published in a variety of sales channels. This process is often referred to as syndication. Syndication ensures that product content gets exported in the right format, at the right time, to the right place, and in an automated fashion.

Jimmy Ekbäck, Executive Vice President Product & Services, inRiver

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