13 July 2017

5 Absolute musts for taking your products to market successfully: 3. Inspiring Product Stories


Must nr 3: Inspiring Product Stories

You will build your reputation for authority and knowledge when you promote enriched product information across channels and markets. Think about the number of touchpoints that involve product information. It’s not just about point of sale, catalogs and ecommerce – it’s about online retail portals, mobile marketing and social media updates.

When you have a central source of enriched product information, you have a goldmine full of unique and flexible content that’s easy to optimize into stories for each channel and market. You go beyond the industry standard – for example, providing Amazon with basic information in certain fields – and stand out because you’re showing an in-depth understanding of your customers and how your product fits into their context. When you juggle large assortments, multiple channels and disparate geographies, information generally comes from many sources, from supplier portals and ERP systems to individual documents, spreadsheets and image files spread across different teams. This means it can take hours, days or even weeks to compile product information for a launch, and it’s easy to end up with inaccuracy and inconsistency.

Having a central repository of product information, it becomes a single source of the truth. It saves a lot of time while helping you deliver a better customer experience. Würth is a prime example. They sell assembly and fastening materials for the trade and construction sectors. By moving to a central product information management system – which integrates with its enterprise and content management systems – new products can be live on the website and ready to order in just 2 hours.

Jimmy Ekbäck, Executive Vice President Product & Services, inRiver


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