06 July 2017

Five Absolute musts to take your products to market successfully, Part 1

Why do some organizations do better than others? Why does it sometimes feel like the competition is faster to the market and always have more satisfied customers? You have probably heard a lot of explanations for this. Our colleague Johan Boström wrote a blog about that you no longer can shoot from the hip….and the discussions was about PIM or DAM, what is needed in what situation. If this is the question! Then you are at least out of the blocks on how you need to transition as an organization to start telling stories around your products at the pace that is expected. As if this is not enough, you have to do it in the moment chosen by your customers. A PIM is no longer a thing for the others, or the bigger ones, this is a mind-set and an approach that is needed for every company to meet the expectations on product information today regardless if it is in a B2B or a B4B or a B2C context.

This what the inRiver Product Marketing Cloud will help You achieve.

This is a post in two parts, where this first part will give you a backdrop to better understand the change in progress of how information is consumed today, the second part leads you further into the field and up to the subsequent five robust and hands-on priorities and focus areas that will help you as a marketing organization.

We now live in a reality with a constant flow of information, we search and scan information in a variety of places, especially as customers. The journey has been fragmented into Micro-moments. For you as a Marketer, you need to create the story of your products for each of these fractions in time. For the I - want - to - buy, the I - want - to - know or I - want - to- go moments your products must be able to grasp the attention of the consumers in these situations. To create intelligent products that can do this, you as a product marketer need to rethink the way you create the story around your products and where and when this story is being told.

Micro-moments have fragmented the customer journey:
  • 90% of people purchase across screens
  • Digital drives 87% of us in to the store
  • For 82% mobile is the new shopping assistance

This is something that is relevant for all organizations.
In the concept of the Mechanics of Last Millisecond Marketing three primary pillars are mostly highlighted as keys to success.

Therefore, it is so important to know WHO we are telling the story to, WHEN & WHERE we are telling it and WHAT are we are saying to maximize that moment.

Jimmy Ekbäck, Executive Vice President Products and Services, inRiver


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